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Every clinic is different. Every patient’s needs are different. We understand that, and are here to provide you with the clinical and operational support to help you navigate the growth of your business while maintaining the highest standards of patient care.

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so you can focus on the practice of medicine.

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The Fertility Specialists Network embodies a decentralized, physician-led approach to clinical partnerships.  We are here to blend in seamlessly, working behind the scenes to handle the operational aspects of your business so you can devote all your time and energy toward providing exceptional patient care.  We equip our partner clinics with comprehensive corporate and clinical support, including:

we take care of the

Facilitation of clinical and scientific collaboration among network partners and committee members

Integration of advanced IT platforms to aggregate EHR and accounting / finance data

Capital for expansion and growth, including new products, business and clinical systems, new builds and acquisitions

Scale contracting with third party labs, pharmacies and other industry providers

Group purchasing of supplies, equipment, business insurances, marketing and benefits

Management of finance, accounting, treasury and revenue-cycle support

when we do our part to

Take care of the patients,

everything else takes care of itself.

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Our approach is simple―when we take care of the patients, everything else takes care of itself. We are here to work behind-the-scenes to guide physicians in making operational decisions that are centered around their patients’ best interests.